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I still wondered whether Thuy was serious, and got hard just thinking about her going to town on my ass with the feather duster's bamboo handle. You hurry up, you take off underpants and lay down on bed so I can beat you! Stories are copyrighted by the respective authors. After a couple more smacks, Pam stopped to adjust her position. Nancy was thoroughly enjoying herselfswinging the Jokari like a tennis procracking it against one cheek and then the other. I was the one who actually handled the punishment because I was the one most suited to the task, but my sister was always present when I whipped her husband.

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Dana smiled with satisfaction enjoying the power she possessed.

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Woman Likes to Spank Men Until They Cry (F/m Spanking Story)

As I pushed my dick inside her, she was so tight I came almost immediately. The spanking, his reactions, and mine. Usually, when a husband agreed, I would administer the punishment for the first few sessions to show his wife the most effective techniques to use. There were also mornings when we met in the parking lot at her company so we could make out in my car before she started work. The clerk also spoke nearly perfect English because she had grown up in the US. One more sharp smack landed before Pam stopped. Once, I was loose, I headed over to the couch to get my clothing.

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wife who spanks f m stories
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wife who spanks f m stories
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