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I tried even a few months back or a year or so, and still, find this to be true so decided now, never going to bother with girls who are faking sexual appeal. Who is the hottest female star with stunning green eyes? She can be average looking but she can be sexy and she can turn guys head around because she is of a higher level in sexual attraction knowledge, skill, experience and most of all, confidence in her body and herself. They have a quality or traite in which they will always be subtle to flirting and sexualisation. Green eye color is caused by a combination of a light brown or amber stroma pigmentation with a low amount of melanin. Keira Knightley, to me, is the hottest woman who ever lived.

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A mother taking care of her kids.

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The Hottest Celebrities of All Time. A fever in itself can indicate a condition that requires medical attention, for example, it can be a result of a dire infection, or can indicate appendicitis. What does it mean when a girl calls you hot? It could simply be a person that is simply in a hot house, in a hot environment causing their body in turn to feel a bit hot. A dancer on stage.

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