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Then let us agree that masturbation is a good thing. Joseph William Howe, Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about masturbation. Aswith private sexuality, private gain is retained in the realmof a selfgenerated lust An Example Societal and clinical views regarding masturbation in children can be used to illustrate the ways in which conceptualizations of child psychopathology have changed over time, as well as several general John and Will Kellogg, basically men of piety and morals, set out to design diets that would avoid excitation. Sex, orgasm, ejaculation, boom, we're done, where's my sandwich.

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Joseph William Howe,

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Meaning of "masturbation" in the English dictionary

Today these arguments are regarded as unpersuasive and have for the most part been abandoned. In this textbook the word masturbation is used to describe self-stimulation of one's genitals for sexual pleasure. Jean Stengers, Anne Van, Thomas Walter Laqueur, And until recently, my masturbation practices remained largely unchanged. Volkmar, Rhea Paul, Ami Klin, We discuss some perspectives on and purposes of masturbation and specific

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synonyms for masturbation
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synonyms for masturbation
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