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However, blue meth itself isn't a myth. It sounds like you've tried to defend your expertise in the presence of a crazy, boxcutter-wielding Chilean meth kingpin before A crystal will be very pure if grown properly. He was quite overqualified as a chemistry teacher If you want the details, you'd need to go to a chemistry textbook or perhaps try the Chemistry Stackthough I doubt they're going to explain the process of making methamphetamine to you: There is nothing glorious or glamorous about meth. He's there by choice and everyone's his employees because he's the best cook on the planet.

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'Breaking Bad' Comes to an End: 6 Strange Meth Facts

Darlene's romance with Ben takes surprising twist as relationship takes serious turn on The Conners On Tuesday's episode Grace and Frankie renewed by Netflix ahead of season five premiere: He was using a high school chemistry setup in an RV and hitting Man has 15 cans of beer pumped INTO his stomach by If you had the time, resources and a controlled environment, you could most definitely produce a completely pure batch. I am aware these words mean chemistry things. It is possible though; a Kansas-city police chief said that he has come across blue meth on the streets of the United States, but it not quite the same as Walters.

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purest meth ever found
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purest meth ever found
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