Freedom from domination

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Now we need to talk about our freedom from domination and neglect by our Westminster and London based elites. But again, a socialist state that divests capitalists of their ownership of the means of production--and thus of their class character--does not necessarily overturn the hierarchies that deny individuals their freedom from domination. The same thinker "who could ascend to the heights of ecstatic Platonism" in such works as Letters Concerning the Love of God was also "quite capable of competing in the Grub Street gutter press" p. It is with no little puzzlement and consternation that one attempts to struggle through Springborg's legion articulations of her claim that Astell's publishing career is defined by her constant engagement with Locke. Astell claims that the weakness of Locke's original knowledge claims makes it imperative to draw false inferences to arrive at a predictable result, which is to claim certainty for nothing, that everything is probable and, in the end, believe nothing at all.

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Milton Fisk on the anti-Marxists:

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A Theory of Freedom and Government. The doctrine, Boss argues, has won out in Catholic theology because it portrays Mary as what John Paul II has called the "co-redemptrix"--in Boss's words, "an icon of freedom from dominationwho not only inspires in the devotee the hope for a world transformed, but already embodies that transformation in her own life. The goals of secular activists are for people to control their lives from better economic opportunity, freedom from oppressive movements based on religion or sect and freedom from domination by the military or police. Indeed, not only does Springborg see Locke where he is not; she also and this truly is ironic misses him where he is. Death, dying, and domination. Once again, the apparent contradiction of her claim to dismantle a tyranny over 'free born Souls' is a function of irony, and once again, the target is Locke.

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freedom from domination
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freedom from domination
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