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Tom put his tip into me, and then removed it quickly again. And then Tom took off his pants. This person was younger and I thought, "was it right for me to ruin a life" And, this person's father had asked my help in getting this person back in and through college. On more than one occasion on a road I'd driven thousands of times, I'd have to pull over one morning, not recognizing where I was. I tried to lean up to kiss Tom but he lightly shoved my head back down and bit my breast, hard, his teeth chewing on my nipple.

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We had a fuck buddy arrangement that we would go out once or twice a week, have dinner and drinks and go back to his place and fuck for hours.

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I type now because I just want to put this someplace. There's a family in a nice house, in a nice town and it's not as if I"m on the street, but I was involved in a serious accident after this person divulged their lie to me. He moved Bob to the side and laid over me, thrusting himself against me. I was their toy, to do with that they wished. I often ask, "why did that person let me know about the lie on their application? My entire body was shaking as they fucked me so hard that I screamed with pleasure.

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